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Kristin Borgerson

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February 12th, 2013 February-12-13 10:04 AM Abortion  The intentional termination of pregnancy at any stage during the fetus' gestational development Developmental stages  Zygote o From fertilization until implantation (~10 days)  Embryo o From implantation until initial development of an organ system (~8 weeks)  Fetus o From 8 weeks until birth  *Most of the papers combine embryo and fetus phases into just fetus ** be aware of the loaded language things in the slides** Abortion in Canada  Was a criminal act until 1969 in Canada  Exceptions were added in 1969 o To protect the woman's life and health  Supreme court of Canada believed this was violated to section 7 regarding a woman's rights to life  Now considered to be treated like any other medical decision in Canada, no criminalization regarding it now  All you need is a reason as to how it will harm a woman psychologically in order to justify an abortion  Decriminalization does not mean guaranteed access Is abortion always, never, or sometimes morally wrong? Shoulc society ensure that abortion is always, never, or sometimes available if a woman chooses it The catholic view on abortion  The catholic church was not historically opposed to early termination of pregnancy until about 1869 o Argument being at what point does the soul enter the body  Today th
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