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PHIL 2810
Kristin Borgerson

February 19th, 2013 February-19-13 10:10 AM Susan Sherwin  Moral feature of pregnancy is that it takes place in women's bodies and takes a significant effect on their lives  Ethics demands that the effects on the oppression of women be a principal consideration when evaluating abortion policies Sherwin's Main Points  Distinctive Analysis of abortion b/c: o Not isolated from other ethical questions  Need to take policy level considerations into account (accessibility, delivery of services)  Thinks you need to take these into account at the same time as the moral considerations o Recognizes the complexity of the questions being asked  Always and never are very strong positions to take, and very hard to defend  Position needs to be more nuance o Considers the pregnant woman the subject of principal concern in abortion discussions  Because the fetus is being raised within her body  How does the option of abortion being available change how her life may play out, what opportunities may that present to her o Attention is paid to the role of abortion in women's lives  Feminist analysis recognizes that women will seek out abortion whether it is legal or not  Feminists concerned with the loss of women's lives associated with restricted abortion o Attention is paid to the reasons why women choose abortion o The freedom to choose abortion is connected to the control of women's sexuality  Culture dependent o Attention is paid to how women become pregnant The fetus  Existence of the fetus is relational to the woman carrying it  Status of the fetus is relational o Do not have unique existence, their existence is tied to the existence of another  Relational account of personhood o Persons are members of a social community which shapes and values them, and personhood is a relational concept that must be defined in terms of interactions and relationships with others o According to this account, the fetus is not a person, have a minor moral status derived from the direct relationship with the pregnant woman  As soon as fetus is born, it is then considered a person as it has entered personhood because it can have very basic relationships with others Implications for Social Policies  Pregnancy without choice un
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