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PHIL 2810
Kristin Borgerson

January 17th, 2013 January-17-13 10:17 AM Nielson: Justice and fairness  If you set up a process or procedure which is fair, then whatever results from that is a theory of justice  Such as setting up a fair process behind the veil of ignorance Objections and replies  Health care is special for other reasons o Idea that in fact pain and suffering are bad within themselves, not just because they may limit our opportunities o Valuable because it prevents suffering o Can be special for many reasons, as long as at least one limits us in some way  The fair equality of opportunity is too vague o Hard to pick out what interferes with our fair share of the opportunity range o Is it normal for us to be astronauts or live in a mansion if we want to? o This vagueness allows Daniels to get around rawl's age bias in his presentation in it  For example, if you're 92, you aren't trying to get that job, so we don't really need to give you the fair shot at it because you're so old  The fair share of the opportunity range allows you to circumvent that, because with it in mind, it's not in the fair share of the opportunity range for a 92 year old to have that job  The fair equality of opportunity account is too strong o A worry with this is that health care is not only expensive, but also expansive, and we may suddenly be committed to provide all these people with all these new technologies o His account doesn't claim a flat out right to health care, you have to qualify for it to meet it (relative to the resources that your society has available)  Basically remembering the concept that Daniel's veil of ignorance is thinner than Rawls' Summing up Daniels  Read paper Nielson - Just health care system  Task o To provide social institutions that respect
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