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PHIL 2810 Lecture Notes - Test Case

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PHIL 2810
Kristin Borgerson

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January 24th, 2013
10:13 AM
Common concerns: wait times
If we were to allow a parallel private system (let private insurance cover the same stuff), this
would be good for everybody because rich people would get this private insurance and go to
doctors that deal with them
o So they'd pay more to get a service more quickly
With the rich people going to the private system, they would not be taking up space in the public
system, meaning wait times would be shorter in the public system for everyone else
Test case in manitoba 1999
o Patients would pay an extra fee if they wish to have a catarac surgery in a private system
o However this seemed to actually prolong the wait time patients faced with this two-tiered
o This is an occurrence because we have a limited number of health care workers and this
concept just stretches our health care workers thinner and makes the system less efficient
Common concerns: costs
Public systems costs 9.8% GDP
Whereas the parallel public/private systems cost 11.1% in France & Germany (10.9%)
Mixed-market-based systems in the USA costs 15.3% GDP
From cuts and chemicals to carrots and condoms
Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and nor merely the absence of
disease and infirmity
Determinants of health
Social environments
o Security and social relations
o Employment status and job security
Physical environments
o Clean air, water
o Poor working conditions (bad air circulation, ect.)
Psychological environments
o Depression or other mental health disorders
Productivity and wealth
o Narrower the gap between the rich and the poor in a country, the better the average health
o Relationship between social economic status and health status
Health care
Basic assumptions of canadian health care delivery
The determinants of illness are primarily biological
o If you assume this, when a patient comes in to see a physician they are going to look for a
specific germ, virus or cancer cell causing the problem
o This can lead to short doctor visits focused on one specific problem
The engineering model of the body
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