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PHIL 2810
Kristin Borgerson

March 14th, 2013 March-14-13 10:12 AM Possible values  Respect o For the sincerity and intelligence of people with whom one reasonably disagrees  A problem with this is that it will more likely require a revision of views, she thinks that if you really respect the views of somebody else, at the end of the day it will require the revision of your own  Epistemic humility o Humility about what you know, in particular complex and difficult moral issues o Problem: doubt doesn't make the other perspective look any better, although they may scale back their own views a little bit, they will not switch their views completely and say that the other person's is right Values that could generate true compromise  Securing the safety or well-being of patients o Depends on likelihood of serious harm if referred or not referred o Important note for these physicians, the fetus is also considered to be one of their patients  So you could say that because the fetus is a patient and there is a commitment to securing the safety or well-being of patients, since referring the woman to another doctor for an abortion, there is pretty well a guarantee that you will lose one of your patients, however if you don't there is only the possibility of both being lost  Commitment to liberal neutrality o Statement that you can't impose any religious beliefs on patients because they may have different ones of their own o This commitment to neutrality must be stronger to the commitment to prevent abortions Justifying referral  Physicians professional choice o Physicians cannot make conscientious objections to their practices that violate established norms of the profession o You made the choice to become a physician, you have the ability to stop whenever you want, so you have to conform to the rules and norms of physicians  The view about scope would account for why conscientious objectors ought to make referral to IF Is the VAS morally justified  Recall VAS: Physicians cannot make conscientious objections to their practices that violate established norms of the profession  Reasons to support the VAS o Preserves the integrity of the profession o Preserves patient trust (norms are well established) o Physicians have consented to follow the norms by ch
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