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Poli Sci 2300- Britain

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Dalhousie University
Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

Friday October 8 2010BritainPolitical SystemBritish governments personalityoConstitutional monarchyoUnitary systemoFusion of the executive and the legislature cabinet ministersmembers of ParliamentoParliament is sovereignimpact of EUoResponsible governmentCabinet is responsible to the ParliamentCannot make decisions without support of ParliamentoMember of the EUConstitutionNot codifiedCan be more abstract consisting of laws and customs conventions same as the written oneConstitutional principles come fromoStatue law acts of ParliamentoCommon law British courts judgmentsoEuropean law eg trade agriculture environmentoCustoms and conventions dont have force of lawoCommentaries eg A DiceyoSupports of unwritten constitutiongreater flexibilityoOpponentspotential for abuse of power by strong PMsoGrowing support for written constitutionMonarchyRule By OneBritain has been a monarchy for centuries except for 16391660Position by birth or hereditaryBritish kings and queens had monopoly over state political powerNow monarchy is a ceremonidal head of stateMonarch reigns but does not rulePower of Monarch Queen Elizabeth II is limited tooCalling new electionsIf the Parliament loses confidence in PMCabinetoThe power of vetooConferring with the PMoForming a governmentoAddress to Parliament annual State Opening of ParliamentoSymbol of state
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