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Poli Sci 2300- Japan

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Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

Friday October 15 2010JapanPolitical OrganizationPolitical SystemParliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchyEmperor is merely a symbol of national unityRegime historyCurrent constitution promulgated in 1946 and in effect since 1947Administrative structureUnitary state47 units of intermediatelevel subnational government prefectures1790 lowerlevel units designated as city town or villageExecutivePM selected by legislatureCabinet appointed by the PMLegislatureBicameralUpper House House of Councilors has 242 membersHalf elected every 3 years146 elected from multipleseat prefecturewide districts96 elected nationally by a party list proportional representation methodLower House House of Representatives480 members elected for 4year terms300 members elected from singleseat constituencies180 elected from party list proportional representation from eleven regional electoral districtsJudiciarySupreme Court has 15 judges appointed by the cabinetChief Justice nominated by cabinet appointed by the EmperorServe until 70 years old subject to popular reviewParty SystemOne party dominant Liberal Democratic PartyMore competitive since 1990sMajor partiesoDemocratic Party of Japan
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