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Poli Sci 2300 - Russia

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Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

October 27 2010RussiaRussia seen dramatic changes over the past few decadesRussia was the dominant member of USSR for 70 years1991dissoloution of the USSR but its influence political and economic on modern Russia still visiblePolitically key challenge is to build a multiparty democracyEconomically the foremost challenge is making the transition from centrallygeared towardplanned geared toward military economy to free market consumerPolitical CultureAuthoritarian cultureoTsarist autocracy Leninist elite Stalinist totalitarianism YeltsanPutinautocracyStrong leadershipoPolitical patrimonialism have strong political leadersfather figures to the citizens give the impression they understand the interests of the people but dont actually care dont take care of the citizensClosed politicsoPolitical decisions without public inputCollectivist societyoSociety is group orientedFear of chaosoPreoccupied with national security and fear of foreign invasionPolitical SystemThe most dangerous time is when a bad government begins to reform itselfAlexis de TocquevilleAfter the dissolution of USSR Russia had to rethink their old assumptions as a societyFrom one party rule and central economic planning to open competitive political and economic systemConstitutionReformed as an independent state with the collapse of communist rule in 1991 current constitution in effect since 1993New constitution created a federal republic a bicameral Federal Assembly complex high court system and 83 local government districtsPresident either chamber or group of 20 of deputies of either chamber can
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