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Poli Sci 2300- South Africa

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Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

South Africa17112010 103400Colonial history of South AfricaDutch came in 1652 Transit point Cape of Good Hopewanted to go to Asia IndonesiaDutch East Indian Trading CompanyInitiatives from Dutchmigration took slaves Indigenous peoples when Dutch arrivedSans Khois Introduction of small pox in 1812almost wiped out the indigenous peopleBritish became involved1806Britain was the dominant power in the Cape region British seen as more friendly when dealing with natives Under pressure from EvangelicalsOrdinance 50 1828a softer version of racism Engaged in mass immigration from Britain to South Africasocial rejects sent offAs a result of British presence the Dutch moved further north 1838War of Blood River Met the Zulus and Xhosasfelt the Dutch were going to take over their landFelt the land was a Godgiven rightAbility to hold land in the face of adversity1868Discovery of diamonds1886Discovery of goldDutch needed labour to be able to mine Controversy between BritishDutchCecil Rhodes became involvedRhode scholarship Felt Britain should dominate Shouldnt just live in the Cape regionDutch didnt take kindly to British advancementBoers War18981903 Indigenous people supported British thbecause of the 50 Ordinance British prevailedUnion of South Africa formed in 1910 after the war endedToll TaxHead TaxGet labourmove the indigenous people away from their families to work in the minesLand Laws passed in 19136 was given to the black population of SA
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