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Poli Sci 2300- Third World Countries/Liberal Democracies/CPCs

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Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

Friday September 24 2010Third World CountriesConstitute 50 of worlds populationControl 20 of the worlds wealthGeographicallyAfrica Latin America AsiardShared experience of the 3 worldcolonization colonial rulePrimary commodity producerscoffee cotton silkoPrices fluctuateoExploitation on the international level marginalizedoSubordinateMade up of various classificationsoLDCsLess Developed CountriesPolitical FeaturesLow levels of institutionalization lack of systems institutions etcmilitary interventionPersonal rule cult of personalityOne Party SystemEconomicallyBanana Republicgovernment propped up by international powersfew industries in placePrimary producersLow levels of economic activityGDP and per capita income tends to lag behindSocial DynamicInequalitySocial conditionsAccess to social services education healthcarechallengingHigh mortality ratesFew jobs low employmentEnvironmentGenderVictorian valuescolonial attitude division of men and womens rightsoNICNewly Industrialized CountriesModernization1947Point 4 Harry TrumanPoint 4development improving standards of living of the less fortunate through technical transferassistanceSociety is traditional or modern in natureoTraditionalAgricultural low literacy particularistic characteristic impartial judging ascription title born into the family
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