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Poli Sci 2300 - Political Culture

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Political Science
POLI 2300Y
Peter Arthur

Wednesday January 5 2011Political CultureHas some aspect of stereotyping going on Cant classify every environment as behaving in a certain way part of a subdivision etc Going to Quebecdifferent political ideas than the rest of CanadaNo evidencebigotry negative stereotypesWhat is political cultureThe beliefs values norms morals that people have towards the political system in a political environmentSubjective and psychological in naturenot quantitative subject to opinion and change Based on what people believebut what people believe isnt actually what takes place Ultimately we may believe something but it may not actually be what takes place ex Americans are loud Canadians are patrioticwe are just people doesnt speak for everyoneSubject to change dynamic not staticPolitical transformation ex Soviet Union going from authoritarian to more democratic Japantotalitarianism to democracyWhat does political culture explainThe level of legitimacy of a governmentProperly elected fair elections what the people what people accept internationally recognized The degree to which rules are regulations are followed especially elections Ex The Apartheid in South Africagovernment was seen as illegitimate People often find alternatives to challenge the government violence Couldnt establish change through peaceful meansneeded violent revolutionThe level of participation of people in a societyThe Civic CultureAlmondVerba identifies 3 main political cultures1Participant political culturePolitical participation greater in democracies found in Canada US Britain Conclusion can be extended to liberal democracies Can be ethnocentricpaints a rosy picture of political participation in liberal democracies Theres a limit to political culturecertain checks need to be put in place ex G20 Summit in Toronto2Subject political cultureCitizens are aware of what goes on in political realms Unlike 1 Where individuals believe they can affect change 2 Believes Whybother Everything has been predeterminedwouldnt affect change Roledoesnt affect government decisions Ex Chinasupposed to participate but through the CCP 3Parochial political cultureIndividuals have no idea whats actually going on Some people dont know what elections are etc Ex Burma
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