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Poli Sci 2300- Mexico

Political Science
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POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

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New Democracies
New democracies have five major defining qualities:
oImproving state structures
oEconomic transformation
oImproving quality of life
oNew regional and global influence
Political System
Through the Mexican political system has many similarities with the US system,
there are two differences:
oThe Mexican presidency is a powerful office supposed by Congress and
the judiciary
Appointment powers, issues decrees, state of emergency,
patronage power
Despite the federal character, the federal government is much more powerful than
Constitution authorizes the federal government to intervene in the affairs of states
(31 of them)
Economic and political realities: dominant position of Mexico City
Two recent developments:
oPresidential power has declined: presidents cannot appoint successor now
PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) dominant position also declined
oReduced patronage politics
Mexican Constitution of 1917 is one of the oldest in Latin America
The Constitution is a major legacy of the Revolution
Previous Mexican constitution resembled the US constitution, but not the 1917
Core Principles of the Constitution
Economic nationalism
oRevolutionaries feared the economic power of the US
oThey limit foreign investment and foreign ownership of land in Mexico
oThese ideals were difficult to defned due to globalization and Mexico’s
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