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Poli Sci 2300- Third World Countries/Liberal Democracies/CPCs

Political Science
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POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

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Friday, September 24, 2010
Third World Countries
Constitute 50% of worlds population
Control 20% of the worlds wealth
Geographically – Africa, Latin America, Asia
Shared experience of the 3rd world – colonization, colonial rule
Primary commodity producers – coffee, cotton, silk
oPrices fluctuate
oExploitation on the international level, marginalized
Made up of various classifications:
oLDCs – Less Developed Countries
Political Features:
Low levels of institutionalization (lack of systems,
institutions, etc.) military intervention
Personal rule, cult of personality
One Party System
Banana Republic – government propped up by international
powers few industries in place
Primary producers
Low levels of economic activity – GDP and per capita
income tends to lag behind
Social Dynamic:
Social conditions
Access to social services (education, healthcare)
High mortality rates
Few jobs, low employment
Victorian values – colonial attitude, division of men and
women’s rights
oNIC – Newly Industrialized Countries
Modernization – 1947 – Point 4, Harry Truman
Point 4 – development, improving standards of living of the
less fortunate through technical transfer/assistance
Society is traditional or modern in nature
oTraditional – Agricultural, low literacy,
particularistic characteristic (impartial, judging),
ascription (title, born into the family)
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