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PSYO 2090
Tim Jukes

PSYO2090: Developmental Psychology Jukes Jan 30 , 2013 Methods of Developmental Psychology Cross Sectional: (between subjects)  One measurement session, then analyze  Advantages:  Relatively quick/efficient  No risk of attrition of practice effects  More sessions could lead to dropout or have had practice at the test by know what to expect (repetitive)  Disadvantages:  Does NOT measure development  Not watching the same group over their period of development – cannot be sure they develop similarly  COULD measure cohort effects  The education system changes in various ways to become more advantageous to children and therefore the development of various groups of children could be different (those before a change VS those after the change) so findings would not be accurate  Example: Measure kids, ages 6, 7, 8, and 9 years old. Try to find a pattern.  Is the pattern continuous or are there steps with plateaus? Longitudinal: (within subject)  Same group over a period of development (time)  Advantages:  Measures development over time  No cohort effects  Measuring the same group over time at different ages  Can measure general trends and individual differences  Disadvantages:  Times consuming  Therefore, expensive!  Selective attrition  Have to keep track of them  See pg 47  Really bad if you lose a critical group of people that are dropping out • i.e.: High achievers or low achievers –
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