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Lecture 11

PSYO 2470 Lecture 11: Sleep I

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PSYO 2470
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Sleep I Biological rhythms - Short cycles – heartbeat - Long cycles – respiration - Can change may biological rhythms o Different degrees of control and flexibility - Sleep-wake cycle - Hibernation – very very long cycle EEG - Pattern change during sleep in brain activity - Looks at electrical activity in the cortex - ERP – event related potentials o Compared the electrical potentials of various events to baseline - Advantages of EEG o Non-invasive o Can be used during sleeping - What does EEG measure? o Need thousands of neurons firing o Comes form larger perimatural neurons o Anything upwards in reading ▪ Negative different o Anything downward in reading ▪ Positive deflection - Synchrony and EEG o Neurons firing in sync is best for picking up a signal ▪ Synchronized activity best picked up – picks up summation of activity MEG - Picks up magnetic field generated by an electrical current o Magnetic fields generated by neurons very very tiny – difficult to detect EEG Rhythms - Categorized based on frequency o Beta: 15-30 Hz ▪ Found in an activated or attentive cortex • When getting a person to do something active – requiring more thought and neural processing o Alpha: 8-13 Hz ▪ During a waking but quiet state • Fewer peaks per second o Theta: 4-7 Hz ▪ Some sleep and waking states o Delta: < 4 Hz ▪ Seen in deep sleep • Results from increased synchrony of neurons firing together
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