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Lecture 29

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Dalhousie University
PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Monday, Nov. 19 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Freud as Leonardo: Why the First Psychobiography Went Wrong Elms Avoid Arguments Built on a Single Clue → Unless you have other sources that have the same information, don’t build your whole argument on one fact → Vulture (p. 27) - Freud gives the dream from Leonardo (the Vulture dream) he makes all kinds of interpretations based on that as well as references ancient legends as well as mythology  Based on these facts he deduces that Leonardo must have spent the first few years of life with his mother → Freud’s own dream - Projection from Freud to Leonardo’s dream  Another genius having a dream from a young age about birds that connect to ancient mythology, just like he did. Avoid Pathographizing the Subject → Making the subject out to be ill, destroying the image of the person → Homosexuality - “Blackening the radiant and dragging the sublime into the dust”  By saying that Leonardo was homosexual, it blackened the image of Leonardo - At the time, making claims that people are homosexual especially those who cannot defend themselves (because they’re dead) was not good → Neurotic - Freud reluctant to call Leonardo neurotic  Elms suggests that if Freud says that Leonardo is neurotic it means that Freud is neurotic as well Avoid Idealizing the S
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