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Lecture 26

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PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Friday, Nov. 9 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Markus & Kitayama A Collective Fear of the Collective → Even though you may know people who live in an “independent culture” they may be fairly interdependent as people, don’t have a problem with this, it’s also about the culture - More independent in Western and more interdependent in Japanese → Difference between American and Japanese individuals identity → Independent self: - More western view - Bounded, autonomous, separate, self-contained, unshackled  Me as a self is enclosed within my skin, it’s also inside me, brain, heart, soul …  Other people aren’t part of me and don’t define me - Internal attributes (traits, abilities, motives, values)  You have certain traits they are defined within you  Primacy of the individual is key  What is it you see, what is in the foreground, is more important (individual self)  What is in the background is the society - Figure (individual) and ground (society) - Culturally shared, maintained (language, ritual, law, texts)  Language we use is much more ‘I’ based – I did this, I want this, I think … something that you are doing and it’s within yourself  Rituals are emphasizing the individual  Ex. Graduation - Each person goes on stage individually, picture taken individually  Ex. Legal system - Individual legal system, protecting the individual rights - Common law based on individual cases (in English part of Canada)  Texts  Emphasize the individual (Declaration of Rights, Bill of Rights) - All very individualistic - Social science’s individualist view (healthy self)  You will grow up and become an adult – adult is defined to as being an independent, successful, mature, individual - Interdependence seen as intentional choice, voluntary; not an expectation  Chosen to do, decided to do, not an expectation that you look after others but it’s nice if you do  Don’t say that you are less of a person in you don’t do this → Interdependent self: - Inherently social; relationship of self and others  Connections/relations they have with other people  If you do things for yourself and you ignore what other people would think/care about then you aren’t really much of a person - No self wi
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