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Lecture 7

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PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Monday, Sept. 24 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Where’s the Person in Personality Research? (Carlson, 1984) → Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1982), Section 3(Personality Processes and Individual Differences) → Table 3 1. Non-college students 35% 2. Biographical data 5% 3. Exp. Treatment relevant 22% 4. Over 2 months 7% 5. Analysis at person level 7% - Percentage of how many of the papers she analyzed included the above information → Table 4 0. 44% 1. 11% 2. 13% 3. – 4. – - Personality is not ‘personality variables’ and ‘individual differences - Need to reflect development and dynamic organization of personality  Need to look at real people in real situations in real time  If you take someone out of context and treat them as variables and not real people and do not follow them over long periods of time to watch their development you are omitting a large part of personality - Problem: Pressures for productivity and clean methodology  Idea that you need to publish a lot of papers to get promotions for academics  People who are willing to ask the really tough questions and do long studies to get comprehensive results are doing a better job in terms of studying, for example personality psychology, but they are not getting far because they do not have a lot of publications to their name  Psychologists tend to start with a design that is methodologically sound and many see purpose in doing studies that are methodologically clean or sound Idiographic Goals and Methods (Runyan, 1983) → Purposes: 1. Clarify approach: how does it fit into psychology? 2. Review and respond to criticisms 3. Extend methods Allport proposed  Nomothetic: Psychology searches for general laws → Most psychologists are trained by this method  Idiographic: Particular to the individual case, find lawful regularities in single lives → Allport: Redress imbalance → Allport and Runyun believe you can find lawful regularities at an individual level that may apply to particular individuals, or generalize to some other individuals, can find patterns in their lives, and be rigorous an
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