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Lecture 14

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Dalhousie University
PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Friday, Oct. 12 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Evolution and Human Nature → Sexual Activity / Reproduction - Distal (evolutionary reason): Replicate genes  What evolution designed us to do. - Proximate (individual) motivation: Pleasure. Immediate environment, physiological, and cognitive mechanisms.  The level we feel, experience and think about. Really, evolution had made sex fun/pleasurable and we engage in it for that reason. - Connection subtle and indirect  E.g., women seem to be more selective and choosy with whom they decide to mate with, especially when determining if their partner is well adapted and advantageous because women have the most investment with raising a child. Women look for 3 main attributes in a man: money, intelligence and attractiveness. Males show interest in some selection in choosing a partner, - Male and female strategies/tactics differ → Getting along and getting ahead are imperative for social life (Hogan’s Socioanalytic theory) - Children are raised to get along with other people and be helpful etc, but they are also taught to strive and achieve more than everyone else. E.g., get along with your classmates but make sure you’re top of the class → Being in family – unconscious character structure – personality development/expression → Beyond family (peers, community) – conscious role structure → Character-role conflict possible - You think of yourself as a kind and sensitive person, but you may be in a job where your role goes against who you are, such as firing someone. → Other examples: Aggressi
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