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Dalhousie University
PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Friday, Nov. 2 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Acculturation and the Dialogical Formation of Immigrant Identity Bhatia → Migration and construction of identity: → Negotiation between - Here and there  Part of the negotiation is to understand yourself as in where you came from and where you’re going - Past and present  Understand yourself as your personal past and your present self and how you’ve come to understand your new culture but your past is still dealing with your previous history and the immersion into the new country - Homeland and hostland  May think that the country your moving to is not your “homeland” - Self and other  Suggests that immigration changes the identity and how you view the self and incorporate yourself into a different culture and society  The boundaries of who is like you and who is other. Where do you belong, do you feel like you belong. Do you feel part of this new culture and do you feel accepted. This can be dependent on the country or community you immerse yourself in. → Found that people contradicted themselves during interviews and resulted that there is no single perspective on your idea of self and what your trying to emphasize may change over the course of a story, but can belong to the same person and the same mind → Berry: universal psychological processes for all groups, linear model - When you’re looking at acculturation or immigrant studies, he proposed a model that assumed all immigrants, wherever there from and wherever they go to face the same type of dilemmas  Basically all groups of immigrants are the same and this idea is universal  Bhatia does not agree to this Assimilation Integration Try as best as you can to be Wants to be immersed Yes accepted as “American” for into the new culture example, without pursuing and keep the values “Is it considered to be of value to your previous cultural and heritage you develop relations with the larger heritage learned from your society?” previous culture Marginalization Separation No Do not define yourself in Want to maintain their terms of your past or present previous values from culture and do not want their old society and anything to do with either. do not want to adopt or embrace the new culture in which they isolate themselves. No Yes “Is it considered to be of value to maintain one’s cultural heritage” Immigrant Identity: Diasporas → “ongoing negotiations immigrants undertake at multiple levels
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