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Lecture 6

PSYO 3092 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Phenotypic Trait, Complications Of Pregnancy, Sensory System

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PSYO 3092
Mark Jaime

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Tuesday, Sept. 25 2012
PSYO 3092
Early Development
Genes and the Prenatal Period
Chapter 3
A Modern Understanding of Evolution
Evolution is de(ned as
-The process that lead to changes in the relative frequency of
alleles over the course of successive generations
Modern synthesis
-The modern understanding that the gene, Mendel’s particulate
mechanism of inheritance, was the heritable matter that
Darwin’s theory of evolution relied on.
His idea was that if you had a short and tall parent, then
you would get some sort of intermediate expression of
Mendel did experiments in which he identi(ed a
“particulate” – some particular thing that was
inherited/exchanged between parent and the o4spring
Darwin’s Problem: Blending Inheritance
Darwin’s problem was the implication that traits would average in the
-Evolution by natural selection would not be possible
-Mutation would not be possible
-A spontaneous error to create a true replica in the process of DNA
replication, resulting in a novel sequence
Something that happens at the genetic level.
Mendelian Inheritance
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