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Lecture 13

PSYO 3280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Cultural Universal, Weather Modification, Steven Pinker

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PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

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Wednesday, Oct 10 2012
PSYO 3280
Personality Psychology
Principle 1
Evolution and Human Nature
Human nature = adaptation for survival and reproduction
- Our main evolutionary purpose in life is adaptation
All humans are products of evolution (we are like all others)
- We are results of evolutionary processes that occurred over time
Natural Selection: Characteristics that increase survival (adaptation) and reproductive
success in environment have advantage
- Introduced by Darwin
- Nature/evolution selects characteristics/genetic mutations over time that increases
your chance of evolutionary survival and reproductive success
Genetic Transmission: Replication and mutations
People engage in behaviours that replicate genes. Selfish gene (Dawkins)
“Genes ‘try’ to spread themselves by wiring animals’ brains so that animals love their kin
and try to keep them warm, fed, and safe” (Pinkser, 1997)
Can protect self and kin
- Will protect those related to you
Because some of your genes are carried in family members, in a way, your
genes will be passed on by your kin
Inclusive Fitness: Maximize replication of genes that designed organism
- A measure of your ability to reproduce your genetic material through yourself or
Social life helped humans survive and reproduce
- Cooperation, care, attachment, friendship, partnership
- Competition, conflict, aggression, dominance (physical and psychological),
Interactions over time (memory)
- Have developed the ability to remember the past, as well as friends and foes, and
those who have been good/bad to us in the past, things that are not currently
present but can be remembered to communicate them to others
Communication/symbol system (language)
- Ways of interacting that has rules and regulations
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