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Lecture 8

PSYO 3280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: First Principle, Heritability, Neuroticism

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PSYO 3280
Tim Jukes

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Wednesday, Sept. 26 2012
PSYO 3280
Personality Psychology
Costa & McCrae’s Big Five
These are the big 've traits
-McAdams’ big 've was di+erent
Trait Description
Openness Curious, original, intellectual, creative
and open to new ideas
Conscientiousness Organized, systematic, punctual,
achievement oriented, and dependable
Extraversion Outgoing, talkative, sociable, and enjoys
being in social situations
Agreeableness A+able, tolerant, sensitive, trusting,
kind, and warm
Neuroticism Anxious, irritable, temperamental, and
A New Big Five (McAdams & Pals, 2006)
New Big 've ≠ OCEAN Big Five
-Introducing a new framework of understanding personality
Five principles give outline of how to make psychological sense of individual
human life
1. Evolution and human nature
2. Dispositional signature (traits)
3. Characteristic adaptations
4. Life narratives and modern identity
5. Role of culture
Textbooks: no overarching conception
-Feels all textbooks falls into these two categories:
1. Parade of grand, irreconcilable theories
-Textbooks are organized to list theories by such and such
psychologist in a broad, non integrative way
2. Research topics and issues
-Topic is broken up into discrete ways of doing things comprised
of research topics and questions
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