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Lecture 31

PSYO 3280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 31: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Eleanor Marx, Vincent Van Gogh

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PSYO 3280
Tim Jukes

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Friday, Nov. 23 2012
PSYO 3280
Personality Psychology
Why did van Gogh Cut O" His Ear
Reasons for why van Gogh cut o" this ear:
-Related to the engagement of his brother who was his +nancial and
emotional support
-Homosexual impulses that van Gogh may of had towards Gauguin
#14? Gauguin ‘cut o" Van Gogh’s ear’ BBC News, 2009, May 5
Vincent van Gogh did not cut o" his own ear but lost it in a +ght with fellow
artist Paul Gauguin in a row outside a brothel, it has been claimed.
Criteria to Evaluate Explanations and Interpretations (Runyan, pp. 1074 –
a. Logical soundness
b. Comprehensiveness in accounting for puzzles
c. Survival against falsi+cation
d. Consistency with range of evidence
-You as a psychobiographer needs to show what the range of evidence
is and your theory has to be consistent with this
e. Support from general knowledge about human functioning
-Needs to make sense, connect to, get support from general knowledge
which could include theory or what we know about the person
f. Credibility relative to other explanatory hypothesis
-If other people have come up with psychobiography’s or another
accounts that seem reasonable then yours needs to be credible with
respects to those and have some response from most readers that
your account is worth considering and makes some sense
Exemplary Lives, Carlson
Tomkins script theory
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