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Religious Studies
RELS 1200Y
Peter O' Brien

Tuesday, March 11, y Clas 1100 Hermes - Hermes gives Apollo the lyre after charming him with songs. The lyre is the combination of the Olympian cleverness and the chthonic nature (tortoise). - A lot in common between Hermes and Odysseus. - There’s something in the tone of the device that pierces through Apollo's heart. His first reaction is laughter, which is a kind of relaxation, and relief which softens him towards the lyre. Can be compared to the Hymn to Demeter when she is told jokes and begins to laugh. - Hermes sings of the story of the cosmos and how it came to be. Hermes is affirming his power to express Zeus' order and find his place in it. - Apollo gives the gift of cattle to Hermes Greek Tragedy - Originate in the 6th century or as late as the 5th century - The Homeric poems were written between 800 and 600 BCE. Reflected a world view that is the contemporary and a much older reality in that they take their historical beginnings back to the Mycenaean era. We see huge developments that move the Greek past the dark ages. This archaic period saw the rise of an Aristocracy, greater material wealth, colonization, and also see the development of typical form of community that the Greeks call the polis. - The immediate backdrop of these plays is the Persian Wars. For the Classical Greek mind, the empire of Persia epitomized the form of government that had stretched back to the beginning of civilization in the Fertile Crescent. The idea that citizens found their highest good, learned how to be human by relating with fellow citizens, gods and nature. Which was
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