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Lecture 5

RELS 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ihsan, Sunnah

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELS 1002
Alexander Treiger

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Lecture Notes: Intro To Islam
- Muhammad was traveling somewhere and a traveler came and asked a series of
questions (3 main questions we’re concerned about) as though he was quizzing him.
This traveler turns out to be Angel Gabriel (Jabril) disguised in human form.
What is submission? (Islam==submission to God)
Submission consists of 5 things called pillars or Islam
Shahada: 1st part there’s no god but God—2nd part Mohammad is
God’s messenger
Prayer: 5 times a day, in the direction of Mecca, the Ka’ba means cube
and was built by Abraham.
Fasting : month of Ramadan
Charity: 2.5% of unused property
What is faith?
What is doing what is good/beautiful ( Arabic word: ihsan)
Mohammad’s answers give an outline/overview of Islam
- Islam is based on the Quran and hadith (word of the prophet)/sunna
(custom/practice of the prophet)
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