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Lecture 6

RELS 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Worship God, Antichrist

Religious Studies
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RELS 1002
Alexander Treiger

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Lecture Notes: Islam Pt2
September/ 21/18
Muhammad was born in Mecca in the year 570 (year of the Ethiopian attack
with elephants)
Mecca at the time was a commercial center and a religious center
Muhammad grew up as an orphan first raised by his grandfather and than by
his uncle
Muhammad married Khadija who was a trader.
20 years of recitation until the Qur’an was fully revealed.
Hijra: is the word used to describe when prophet Muhammad moved from
Mecca to Medina
Beginning of 8th century Muslim conquest reached Spain and what is now
Hadith of Gabriel (Con’t from last lecture)
Mysterious traveler quizzed Muhammad
What is faith? To believe in God, his book, angels, messengers, last day
and destiny
o Angels: relevant in Judaism and Christianity. Delivery of divine
o Messengers + Books: most important messengers receive
books (MosesTorah, JesusGospel (Injil), Muhammad
Qur’an). All messengers were sent to humanity to preach the
message of the oneness of God.
o Last day: the day when we are all resurrected and judged for
our actions
o Destiny: every circumstance in life is sent to you by God
Doing what is good/beautiful:
o To worship God as if you see him even though you don’t
because God sees you
o Intentions matter
There is fasting prior to Ramadan called Ashura’ 10th day of the 1st month of
the Muslim calendar
Story is: after Hijra, the Muslims come to Medina and found that the
Jews were fasting this day due to exodus and so Muhammad claims
that they also have a connection to Moses and thus begins fasting on
Ashura until the revelation came that fasting for Muslims is Ramadan.
Hidden Shirk: Muhammad says that hidden shirk is more scary than the
antichrist. Goes back to the idea of intentions an example is if somebody
prays and does so beautifully for the sake of somebody is watching.
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