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Lecture 10

RELS 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Rabbi Akiva, Cheeseburger, Surah

Religious Studies
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RELS 1002
Alexander Treiger

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Various Scriptures:
Tutorial in McCain 1130 for last names IZ
There is a Jewish bible and Christian bible
The word bible comes from Greek word “Ta Biblia” which means books.
Jewish Bible
3 major subdivisions (The Torah, The Prophets, The Writings)
Languages used are Hebrew and Aramaic (most spread language in
the middle east before Arabic)
Includes narrative writing, poetry, laws/rules
Rabbi Akiva claimed that, “if all the scriptures are holy, the song of
song is the holy of holies.” From previous lectures the holy of holies is
the most holy part of the temple. There’s a comparison between the
bible and the temple.
The holy of holies is the chamber in the temple containing the Ark of
the Covenant, which only the highest priest can enter once a year for
Why does Rabbi Akiva think the Song of Songs (contains erotic
descriptions) is similar to the holy of holies?? Because the song
represents the love between God (male figure in the song of songs)
and the People of Israel (female/bride role in the song of songs).
For Christians they interpret the song as a love story between Christ
and the Christian community/church.
Scripture cannot exist without interpretation.
Ex: Origon (biblical scholar) claims that in the Adam and Eve story we
shouldn’t imagine God as the gardener of the Garden of Eden.
Ex: God’s physical features such as having a hand, back, face, etc..
These are symbols/ metaphors
Ex: Jews don’t mix dairy and meat even though the scripture doesn’t
say that directly, it says, “don’t boil a kid in its mother’s milk,” which is
interpreted into the cheeseburger rule.
Christian Bible
Incorporated the entire Jewish Bible and calls it the Old Testament.
Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox will slightly alter the Old
Testament and add some books but the Protestants alter nothing of
the Old Testament.
Have the New Testament: collection of writings that speak about the
new Covenant, which comes from the prophecy of Jeremiah.
o 4 Gospels according the Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, which
are basically narratives f Jesus’s Life.
o Book of Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Most of it
is the Story of Paul
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