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Lecture 8

SOSA 1050Y Lecture 8: Social Ineqality...and Agency 2

Soc & Social Anthropology
Course Code
SOSA 1050Y
Laura Eramian

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Social Inequality, Structure and Agency 2
Cultural Capital
-capital: an asset (such as money or other financial resources) which brings power in
society (generally economic)
-future can bring power in the same way that money can
-this concept can from a French sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu
-economic resources are not the only source of status or dignity/respect
-capital is a metaphor or analogy for this
cultural capital: non-economic resources and assets that give people status (rank), the
cultural resources that give status/respect
-examples are:
language, the way we speak
appearance, how we dress and hold ourselves
knowing “buzz” words or popular topics (wine/food)
similar views
-overall can be the credentials, social skills and know how
-these are things that allow you to succeed
-the majority of these are tacit knowledge
-if we do not have these, then there is a negative effect, causing a treatment with a
lack of respect
-in East Harlem, they did not have the cultural capital needed in legal system
-more used to street culture which is in great contradiction with legal culture
-in street culture, violence gains respect
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