SOSA 2141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce, Deskilling, Occupational Segregation

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Week 10, March 9 – Where are the jobs? Labour Market Trends in Canada
What is ‘The Economy”?
The Canadian economy? The local economy?
A place of much uncertainty
“The economy is doing well”; “the economy collapsed”, etc…what is the thing we call “the
Economy is different from other realms of life – economic sphere as opposed to political
sphere, cultural sphere
What it’s not: politics, society, the household… or so we think
‘Economy’ dates back only to the mid 19th century
Adam Smith and others did not call themselves economists, partaking in economics, but rather
political economy
Economy then referred to the prudent use of resources; did not refer to this fixed space
A social construct depicting a “sphere” in which all production (labour) and consumption
(buying and selling) of goods and services happens
Connected to the emergence of “mathematical economics” (aka macroeconomics)
Only used in this way since WWII
CONSTRUCTED as separate from society, culture, politics, the household…but is it?
Not a natural inevitable thing, but a social construction humans created
What is “the economy” made of?
Sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, energy, financials..etc.)
Industries (Auto, video game, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc.)
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