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THEA 2011
David Nicol

September 26, 2011 Greek "Old Comedy" Lysestrata -Written during the peloponnesian war against Sparata -Athens was still reeling from a massive defeat in Scicily in 423 BC -The big debate among athenians was whether to negotiate with the spartans. The ruling politicians said no. Structured like tragedy Prologue -A central idea is introduced in conversation between characters Parados -The entrance of the chorus into the orchestra. Parados -The Entrance of the chorus into the orchestra -The sing a choric ode. Several 'Episodes' and choric odes -An episode is a sequence of dialogue between characters about central ideas -The episodes are separated by choric ode, and or conversations between the chorus and the characters Komos (main difference between comedy and tragedye -The problems is solved and the character celebrate Actors and costumes -Masks were grotesque and ugly -Costumes were similar to tragedy's but sillier -Male characters wore padding to look fat and their tunics were too short -They wore flesh coloured tights under their tunics -Sexual feature were exaggerated -male characters wore phalluses -female characters were exaggerated too -This creates a vision of Athens in which everyone is driven by physical desires: food and sex. Why no actresses? -Almost all ancient theatres were all male. Why? -All these societies are patriarchal - founded on the principal that a women is the possession of her father or husbands Maintaining chastity -In many cultur
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