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THEA 2011
David Nicol

October 7, 2011 New Comedy in Ancient Rome -Old Comedy died with the Athenian democracy -it's topical satire was too extreme for authoritarian rulers -New comedy was pioneered by Mehander and other greeks. It was then continued by romans -It's about the lives of ordinary middle class people -There are no choruses and no rules about the actor numbers -The romans called New Comedy "fabulae palliate" (plays in greek costume) they were always set in Greece, not Rome New Comedy Formula -Boy and girl are in love and want to marry -But there's an obstacle. Usually obstacle is a person, who can be called the "blocking figure" -Often, a father disapproves of the match, usually because the girl is socially inferior -There may be a rival suitor, she maybe 'owned' by master, or slave-dealer -Sometimes the 'obstacle' is the boy's own personality: He must change to become more acceptable -At the end of the play, the obstacle is over come and love triumphs -Ideally har
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