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THEA 2011
David Nicol

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October 19 Classical Indian Theatre Indian Dramatic theory -The Natysastra is a work of dramatic theory, written around the same time as Kalidasa’s plays -Our knowledge about Sanskrit theatre derives mostly from this text Differences from Aristotle’s Poetics (1) -It contains long detailed instructions on playwriting, costumes, acting and theatre architecture ect -Although they are often mysterious and hard to interpret Example -The natyasastra describes how to mime many actions -Changes of locations are symbolized by walking in a circle around the stage Differences from Aristotle’s Poetics (2) -The main focus is on how to make the audience immersed in the drama by making them fell the emotions of the characters (rather than the logs of the play) -Bhava – things in the text or onstage that suggest emotional state -Rasa – the emotional response created in the spectator by the bhavas The Rasas -the erotic (ie love, romance) -comic -furious -compassionate (ie sorro
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