Professional Guest Service Week 3

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George Brown College
HOST 1033
Jeannine Pharand- Theyer

The challenges of customer service(chapter 2) Elements of success  Assess own strengths/weaknesses  Understand customers and their needs  Be familiar with barriers to excellent customer service  Recognize power of perceptions  Understand expectations  Credibility & values Barriers to Excellent Customer Service  Laziness  Poor communication skills  Poor time management  Attitude  Moodiness  Lack of adequate training  Inability to handle stress  Insufficient authority  Servicing customers on autopilot  Inadequate staffing Power of Perception  We must be aware of the perceptions of others.  Perception is the way we see something based on our experience.  Everyone’s perception is slightly different.  Perceptions are developed over a period of time.  Ex: How we view Rogers as a company Expectations: Our personal vision of the result that will come from our experience.  Expectations may be positive or negative.  Organizations frequently misinterpret what their customers’ expectations are. Levels of Expectations  Primary expectations: the customer’s most basic requirements of an interaction. (ex: satisfying Hunger)  Secondary expectations: expectations based on our previous experiences that are enhancements to our primary expectations. (ex: good service, tasty food…) Scope of Influence: Our ability to influence others based on our perceptions or experiences.  Every person’s “scope” is different.  The average number of people influenced by our opinions is 7–15.  Studies show that it costs about five times as much to attract new customers as to keep existing customers.  Happy customers can attract new customers at virtually no cost to us. Reputation Management: The process of identifying how a company is perceived and establishing an action plan to correct, maintain, or enhance the company’s reputation.  Customers may be attracted to a company because of its reputation more than any other single factor. A Company with a Good Reputation  Is Trustworthy  Demonstrates excellence in its management at all levels  Is law abiding  Is responsive  Follows Through on promises and commitments  Is ethically Responsible  Is a positive Public Citizen  Has accurate and strong financials  Communicates effectively  Shows ongoing positive social responsibility A Company with a Good Reputation (cont’d)  Is a good citizen  Is a progressive company  Is cooperative  Has a record of strong financial performance  Treats employees with respect  Is a technological leader in the industry  Is committed to the environment  Complies with state/federal regulations  Is successful in diversifying oper
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