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HOST 1033
Jeannine Pharand- Theyer

1. Customer service: Anything we do for the customer that enhances the customer experience. Ultimate Goal = Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction: The customer’s overall feeling of contentment with a customer interaction. • Satisfaction may develop quickly or over a period of time • Customer satisfaction is subjective and varies amongst different people. 2. What is/are the difference(s) between customer expectations and perceptions? Customer Expectations: Our personal vision of the result that will come from our experience. Customer Perceptions: The way we see something based on our experience. 3. List examples of customer service.  Free car wash with fill-up  Calling the customer by name  Easy return policy  Updated map of the area or GPS in rental cars  A doctor calling you back to see how you are feeling after a professional visit  On-time delivery  Courtesy  Enthusiasm  Showing the customer that you care  Excellent follow-up  Empathy in handling customer complaints and questions  Well-explained instructions  Illustrations of encouragement  Suggesting a less expensive option  Package carry-out 4. Why Is Excellent Customer Service so Rare? Customer service is rare because it requires two things that the average person and organization are unwilling to commit to: spending money and taking action. Exceptional customer service = Skills + Assessment of current customer service + Updated policies + empowerment + adequate technology + measurement/Evaluation + Good Attitude. 5. What are the 5 needs of customers? (1)SERVICE : should be appropriate to level & type of purchase (2)PRICE : homogenous vs differentiate products (3)QUALITY : durable & functional products (4)ACTION : customers like to feel that they are taken seriously (5)Appreciation: Customer need to be acknowledged. 6. What is/are the difference(s) between external and internal customers? External Customers: • Customers we do business with outside our organization. • It is impossible to satisfy external customers without first satisfying internal ones… agree? Internal Customers: • The people we work with throughout our organization. • HR focuses on these individuals. • By satisfying our internal customers, we are creating an excellent foundation to begin meeting our external customers’ needs 6. What are some of customers’ attributes
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