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HOST 1033
Jeannine Pharand- Theyer

Empowerment(Chapter 5) Empowerment: To enable or permit customer service providers to make a range of decisions to assist their customers. Importance of a mission and Purpose Statement  All businesses that deal with customers should have an official mission and purpose statement. Purpose: The reasons for the organization's existence. Mission: The means by which the organization will fulfill its purpose. Empowerment = Opportunity  Empowerment is a true opportunity.  Empowerment frees the time of supervisors who may otherwise be less productive because they have to deal with issues that could be handled more quickly by the customer service providers. Steps to Empowering Customer Service Providers 1. Paint a picture of what you hope to accomplish. 2. Allow workers to own their empowerment choices. 3. Reward and recognize positive examples and results of empowerment. 4. Commit for the long haul. Coproduction: When customers participate in providing at least a part of their own customer service. Self-sufficiency: Customers using systems in place to meet their own service needs at a level that results in satisfaction. Examples of Coproduction  Salad bars  Free beverage refills that you get yourself  Self-service copy shops  Car washes valid for seven days  College self-advisement  Completion of medical and insurance information while waiting for the doctor  Availability of your account number o
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