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Lecture 4

MARK1012 Week 4

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George Brown College
Robert Goode

Week 4: 9/24/2013 LECTURE Ch. 4 Marketing Research. Consists of a set of techniques and principles for systematically collecting, recoding, analyzing and interpreting data that can aid decision makers involved in marketing goods, services or ideas. Steps all org take and see how much time and $ are spent Define Research Design the Present Problem and Research Collect Data Analyze Data Action Plan Project Objectives 1. Defining the Objectives and Research Needs • What info do we need? How will we get it? How much will it cost us? • Everything is based on what we get o Too much $ = > don’t do research • Trying to correctly define our problem and objection • Execute correctly – assumptions don’t count 2. Design type of data/research Secondary data. Pieces of information that have been collected prior to the start of the focal project. Syndicated data. Purchased data from commercial research firms such as SymphonyIRI Group, National Purchase Diary Panel, Nielsen, and Leger Marketing. Primary data. Data collected to address the specific research needs/questions currently under investigation. Some primary data collection methods include focus Reliability. The extent to which the same result is achieved when a study is repeated under identical situations Validity. The extent to which a study measures what it is supposed to measure. Sample. A segment or subset of the population that adequately represents the entire population of interest. Sampling. The process of picking a sample; offers potential customers the opportunity to try a product or service before they make a buying decision. 3. Data Collection Exploratory (qualitative) research: Observation  Behavior/consumption of people through watching: video recordings  Eg. Museum tracks floor patterns from people to see which exhibit is popular  Ethnography studies people in their daily lives and activities in their homes, work, and communities. Interviews  Record answers  Valuable info on prod/co  Well trained to interpret what they actually mean Focus  b4 advertising Groups  People (usually 8-12) sit in a room with 2 way glass  Specific Q’s about brand Week 4: 9/24/2013 LECTURE Projective  Subjects are provided a scenario and asked to express their thoughts and feelings about it.
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