H100 Lecture Notes - Fan Art, Golden Fleece, Pelias

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2 Feb 2013

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Assignment 2: mythology and life as we know it
Jason and the Argonauts portrayed a dominator model of ruling and society.
In my research of this topic, I read both original myth and watched the 1963
movie version of the story. In this myth, Jason, an exiled king, is forced to undergo
many trials to take his rightful place, usually with the help of this contingent of
men, named the Argonauts after their ship, the Argo, as well as the Gods
themselves. His actions during his journey, as well as the purpose of the journey
itself, are very clearly the acts of a people accustomed to winning glory and
power through might and violence.
The modern adaptation deviates from the original story in several glaring
ways. The story structure is muddled, many things do not take place
chronologically, and still events are changed for dramatic effect, such as the
scene of the clashing cliffs. Instead of sending a simple dove through the rocks,
Jason is saved by the Gods. The motivations of characters are driven more by
action then discussion. By this I mean that in mythological version, almost all
'power shift' decisions are agreements between two respectful parties. Such as
when Jason agrees to obtain the golden fleece in exchange for the throne. This is
an upfront and honest exchange, whereas in the movie, Jason does not make an
actual agreement with the king. Most of these exchanges are changed in the
movie. In addition, the revenge arcs are cut out completely.
The most glaring and angering change from original to movie versions is the
difference of character between Medea, Jasons love interest. In the original myth,
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