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Lecture 2

HOSF1095 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Human Resources, Job Performance

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Adam Fikis

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Front Office Operations
Adam Fikis Week # 2
1. What is a Hotel’s Mission?
Mission statement: define the unique purpose that sets one hotel or hotel
company apart from others.
A hotel’s mission statement often addresses the interests of its three main
constituent groups: guests, management, and employees.
1) A hotel’s mission statement can address the basic needs and
expectations of the hotel’s guests.
2) A hotel’s mission statement can reflect its management philosophy
3) The mission statement can help the hotel’s employee meet or exceed
both guest and management expectations.
“Turning moments into memories for our guests”
--- Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
2. What are Hotel Goals?
Goals are those activities and standards an organization must successfully
perform or achieve to effectively carry out its mission.
A goal is more specific than a mission; it requires a certain level of
achievement that can be observed and measured.
3. What are Hotel Strategies?
Strategies: the methods a department or division uses to achieve its goals.
Tactics further define how goals will be achieved. They are the day-to-day
operating procedures that implement successful strategies.
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4. What are Departments?
Departments: groups of workers in a hotel who all perform similar jobs.
One method involves classifying an operating division or department as
either a revenue center or support center.
Food & Beverage = Outlets + Banquets
Outlets: Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Room Service, Mini Bar
Banquets: Meetings, Events(weddings, parties)
Revenue Centers
Front office
Food and beverage outlets
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