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Lecture 4

HOST1033 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Organizational Chart, Mind Map, Flowchart

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Jeannine Pharand- Theyer

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Problem Solving (chapter 3)
Creativity and Problem Solving
Problem solving: An active resolution to a challenging situation.
Creative problem solving suggests that through an open
approach to finding solutions, an appropriate and innovative
result may be discovered.
Customers appreciate creativity.
By offering suggestions to customers and to management
about innovative ways of solving challenges, customer service
providers can share their creativity with others.
Problems As Opportunities
Criticism provides a opportunity to obtain information.
A customer complaint is really a request for action.
Conflict: A hostile encounter that occurs as a result of opposing needs,
wishes, or needs.
Suggestions When Encountering Conflict
Do not bring up old problems from the past or assign blame.
Listen to the other viewpoints that are being presented.
Use tact as you respond to others.
Do not repress your own anger; instead, use it productively. Take
advantage of the opportunity to share other related concerns in a
positive manner.
Focus on finding the best solution to the conflict.
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