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Lecture 10

BUS 252 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Web Accessibility Initiative, Hard Disk Drive, Log Analysis

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BUS 252
Nihad Al Jiboori

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Promoting and Maintaining a Website
Chapter 7
Website Testing
- Images and multimedia should appear and work
- Test the navigation and search tools
- Test internal and external links
- WAI guidelines
- Use optimization tools provide by your WYSIWYG editor
- Correct any problems that arose
- Use different browser, devices, and screen sizes
Target Audience Testing
- Which pages appear to appeal to them?
- Which pages appear to disintest them?
- How much time do they spend on various pages?
- Which links do they visit or ignore?
- How easily do they navigate the website?
- Do they at any time demonstrate any confusion or frustration?
Website Publishing
- Server space
- Uploading website folders and files
- Retesting published pages
Server Space
- All files must be uploaded to a web server
- What to consider while searching for a web hosting company
o Fees
o Server space
o Technical support
o Non-scheduled downtime
o Support for additional technologies
o Process for uploading website files to the server
o Servers subject to security breaches or hacking
o Type of server
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find more resources at
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