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NRS 103
Lisa Giallonardo

Group Project outline/guidelines follow rubric Empathy What does it mean to me? caring for a client without making their problems personal serving and being others-centred holistically really caring for a client as a person with emotions and pain understanding acknowledging/validating/respecting/identifying/being aware of client's experience and feelings shows compassion communication "Empathy is the ability to understand another person's reality, to accurately perceive unspoken feelings, and to communicate this understanding to the other" (P&P) "Showing empathy is an important goal to work for, essential for showing concern and communicating support for others" (P&P) intentional, developed behaviour nurses can practice without empathy (most do) empathy takes time, understanding Facilitating Empathy active listening being present being authentic being yourself mirror the client's verbals and non-verbals match emotions/behaviours (to an extent) take time before responding intentional silence borrow another's feelings to observe, feel and understand them— but not to take them onto ourselves—be a participant observer—enter the equation and then remove yourself content: what they say feeling: what they show head + heart = empathy Experiencing Empathy Client is talking—I listen—I understand—I convey to you that I understand (may be non-verbal communication) Sympathy when a caregiver experiences feelings as if he/she were the sufferer concern, sorrow, pity felt for the client focuses on the nurse's feelings rath
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