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Is Google or technology making us stupid

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Humber College
Political Science
POLS 220
Danillo Viana

October 23 2012 Is Google or technology making us stupid? What if…? -if that technology was taken away from us for 24hrs, every piece of technology. Dumb and dumber? What invention has had the greatest detrimental effect on human intelligence? -cell phone -computer Technology: is it changing us? -once unleashed, can it be stopped? Are there technological “monsters” among us? -Are we wise enough to know all of its implications? -Are we wise enough to realize that it is changing us? -One of the most prominent “technologies” today is the internet The ‘law’ of unintended consequences: mess with something complicated, you are going to get surprises! Ecological Change: New technology can change everything; it has a small ripple effect. As you grow, your brain will rewire itself to get used to new routines, technology, and new ideas. Unintended consequences: -1989, sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a simple program that allowed scientists at CERN
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