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Lecture 10

GEOG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Continental Crust, Hornfels, Canadian ShieldPremium

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GEOG 1120
John Martin

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Lecture 10: META Rocks
I. Basics:
- Old component of continental crust called "Craton".
=> Craton - AKA Shield, are continents that have been
stable for billions of years.
- META rocks contain mineral resources.
- Used for building materials such as statues.
- META rocks is the result from pre-existing rock.
- META rocks are altered/changed rocks.
- Heat and pressure creates META rocks.
- Are different from their rock parents (both chemically and
physically different).
- Occurs deep inside the Earth.
- Don't need high or low temperature.
- META rocks are the "Middle Child" - Mid. Temperature and Mid.
=> SED rocks - shallow and low temperature.
=> Igneous rocks - need high pressure and high
II. Pressure
- META rocks need to be put under pressure.
- Pressure controls primarily META rocks.
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