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BIOL 1130

Monday October 15, 2012 Plant Biology – Day 15 Chlorophyta – Green Algae - Largest Group  7,500 species - Diverse growth forms – unicellular, colonial, filamentous - Chlorophyll A, B - Food storage – starch - Reproduce sexually & asexually Chlamydimmer - Unicellular - Have 2 flagella’s - Chloroplast – cup-shaped - Paranoids – protein structures that contain enzymes associated with starch production - Red eye sport  involved with light perception - Asexual Production - non flagellated, zoospores o Haploid  produce up to 32 individual zoospores - Sexual Reproduction – pairs of cells are attracted to each other  zygote formed  zygospore  meiosis  haploid organisms produced Oodogonium - Filamentous epiphytes (attached to underwater structures) - Base – specialized hold-fast cell - Most of its life will be in the haploid phase – predominant phase - Asexual reproduction – Zoospores at the tips of the filaments (n- haploid)  fringed at the top flagellae () “Friar Tuck” look - Form near filaments Sexual Reproduction - Oogamy  one gamete (male) is mobile and the other (female) is stationary and much larger - Male  Antheridium – sperm cells produced - Female  Oogonium – roundish cells – 1 “egg” - Sperm cell from the antheridium enters a pore in the oogonium and forms a  z
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