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BIOL 1130

Biology Day 21 Monday October 29, 2012 Gymnosperms - 4 Phyla  Pinophyta, - Seeds produced - Embryo protected in a seed coat with a supply of food for the developing embryo. - Have Cones vs. flowers (Angiosperms) - Gametophytes develop on the sporophyte and They are dependent on the sporophyte Phylum Pinophyta - Largest genus Pinnus - Oldest living organism (4600 years)  Bristle-Cone piddle – California, Nevada, Utah Adaptations to Cold, Dry Environments a) Needles – narrow, less exposed to the air Less likely to lose H O 2 b) Hypodermis – Thick layer of cells below the epidermis & this also prevents water loss c) Epidermis – thick outside d) Sunken Stomata – not exposed to the atmosphere e) No Air Spaces in the mesophyll Wood Structures - Resin canals in 2 growth for protection from fungi and bacterial growth as well as insect damage. - Have tracheids but no vessels in the xylem tissue - Have annual rings - Bark is present  Can be 5-7 cm thick in some trees - No companion cells in phloem  Have albuminous cells  same function Pine Life Cycle Male – Pollen Cones - Spirally arranged microscoprophylls attached to a central axis - Each has 2 microsporangia attached to its lower surface  contain the microsporocytes Female – Cone - Spirally arranged seed scale complex - Each complex cons
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