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BIOL 1130

Plant Biology – Day 17 Friday October 19, 2012 Bryophytes  Liverworts, hornworts, mosses. - Alternation of Generations: o Gametophyte (N) life form most obvious o Sporophyte – grows out of the ♂ gametophyte - The sporophyte generation is dependent on the gametophyte life form. Phylum Hepaticophyta (Liverworts) a. Thalloid aid Liverworts - No root structure but have extensions from the epidermal cells – rhizoids, scales - Chlorenchyma tissue - Pores in the epidermis  Gaseous exchange Example: Marchantia  Asexual and sexual reproduction Asexual Reproduction - Occurs in gametophyte life phase - Gemma cup – Rain splashes out pieces of the epidermis  new Marchantia Sexual Reproduction - Have separate ♀ and ♂ thalli – N (haploid) - ♂- antheridia – at top of gametophore – stalks  antherdia - ♀- archegonia – on stalks (archegoniaphore) - Fertilization occurring  flagellated sperm from the antheridia are going to fertilize and egg in one of the archegonians. - Need moisture to occur for fertilization - Zygote forms  2N  sporophyte grows out of the archegonian. Ie – this life phase is dependtant on N phase. - 5 sporophyte  foot (anchors to the ♀ gametophyte)   sota (stalk) – holds the sporophyte - sporophyte – fertile tissue sporocytes – 2N  meiosis  spores -
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