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Biology Day 24 Friday November 9, 2012 Inflorescence - Many flowers occurring together in an inflorescence - Peduncle  will bear the inflorescence – many individual flowers in various arrangements - Each individual flower is born on a pedicel - Arrangement of the pedicels  describes the inflorescence ** Picture of Peduncle in inflorescence ** Flower Characteristics Primitive Advanced Categories Location of the ovary relative to fertile parts Superior Inferior Symmetry of plant parts Radial Bilateral Fusion of flower parts None Can Occur Flower Parts All Present Can be some reduction Perfect  Has stamens & pistils Imperfect  Has Male and Female Monoecious  Have Male and Female flower on same plant Diocious  Have male and female flowers on separate plants Life Cycles 1) Annual – completes in one season – Ex - Corn 2) Biennials – Takes 2 years to produce a seed– Ex - Carrots 3) Perennials – line > 2 years and flower after a certain develo
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