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BIOL 1130

Wednesday September 12, 2012 Plant Biology Plants in Geological History - For approx. 1.5 billion years  Blue-Green algae - Fixed CO2  Earth cooled & released O2 as a part of the basic plant process known as photosynthesis - Fossils  stromatolites - Originally prokaryotes than became eukaryotes - Land plants showed up approx. 300 million years ago Plants & Man - 98% of biomass are plants - Food, medicine, clothing Plant Disciplines - Looks at plant structure  Plant Anatomy - How to plants work  Plant Physiology - Relationships with plants & the environment  Plant Ecology - Identification of plants  Plant Taxonomy o Carl Von Linni Swedish Botanist (1707-1778) o Binomial method of identifying & grouping plants o Genus Species A.} Families PowerPoint What is a Plant???? Plant Kingdom Plant Cell Structure Knowledge based on resolution of microscope Pioneers: - Robert Hook – 1665 - Robert Brown – 1831 - Mathias Schleiden, Theodor Schwann (Germans) [Proposed Cell Theory]– 1838- 39 - Rudolf Virchow [Stated that every cell comes from a pre-existing cell] – 1859 - Louis Pasteur [Proved Virchow’s theory was true] – 1871 - 1900 – Pretty good light microscopes Advances - Compound Light Microscope 1500x resolution - SEM at LUIL(LU Instrument Laboratory) 10,000x resolution ( Improved now) resolution = How many times th
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