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September 10 Gateway Questions What is it? What are the goals? Etc... Tuesday, September 10, 2013 11:28 AM Posting practice questions Encouraged to go to class bc not all material is in text Start with a video in every class Textbook summaries will be posted Chapter 1 - intro & research methods What is Psych? Psyche - mind, breath of life Eros sidekick or consort in Greek myth Cupids consort in roman myth Logos - knowledge or study Scientific study of behavior and mental processes Behavior - overt Mental processes - covert Gateway theme Psych is a science & profession Scientific observation is the most powerful way to answer questions about behavior Some don’t involve science & science guys cant eradicate Some psychologists  Research to discover  Teach  Apply psych to solve problems in mental health, edu, business, sports, law & medicine Empiricism - discoverign new knowledge  - measure & describe behaviors  -Gather empirical evidence  Gained from direct  Draw valid conclusion  Inter-subjective - observations can be confirmed by more than one observer **Cautionary tales - N-rays of Rene-Prosper Bloondlot (1903) Empiricism - goals Are people more hostile when its boiling o
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